Palm Woven Basket - Multiple Sizes


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These beautiful baskets are crafted by hand by the weavers of Oaxaca using natural palm fibres. The women of Miahuatlan, a small town in the state of Oaxaca learn how to weave theses natural palm baskets from a young age. Depending on the size, baskets can take up to 3 days to weave. The palm leaves are harvested from the hillside and set to dry in the sun. The leaves are then hand cut into thin strands that are the perfect width for weaving and then the weaving process begins. 

The varying tones of green and tan are all the natural palm colours. The palm leaves dry differently depending on the type of palm used.

Due to the handcrafted nature, there may be slight variations. Sizes vary but are approximately: 

  • Small  8"-10" (diameter) x 8"-10" (height)
  • Medium 12"-14" (diameter) x 12"-14" (height)
  • Large 16"-18" (diameter) x 16"-18" (height)

Your purchase helps preserve millennial craft traditions, provides economic empowerment to artisans, and contributes to social programs for artisan communities. Learn More ⇢


ORIGIN: Oaxaca, Mexico

MAKER: Palm Weavers of Oaxaca 

PROCESS: Hand Woven Palm | Learn The Process 

MATERIALS: Palm Leaves 

COLOUR: Tan & Green 


  • Small  8"-10" (diameter) x 8"-10" (height)
  • Medium 12" -14" (diameter) x 12"-14" (height)
  • Large 16"-18" (diameter) x 16"-18" (height)

FEATURES: All baskets come with fitted lid

  • Wipe gently with a moistened cloth. 

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