Kala Collective - Our Story

Kala Collective was born out of a love of world cultures, a passion for ethical business, and a desire to provide you, our customer, with better options. Above all, Kala Collective was born out of a wish to make an impact on the world. We believe your home is a reflection of who you are and what you love. Our goal is to bring to you beautiful pieces from beautiful places, connecting you to global cultures through our artisan-crafted products from different corners of the world.

We are driven by the collective efforts of our artisan partners, our team, and you, our customer. 

KALA [kah-lah]: Noun - Skilled Craft (Sanskrit) & Good (Greek)

COLLECTIVE: Adjective - Done by peoples acting as a group

We personally travel country by country to experience the magic of each culture and location. We build personal, and sustainable partnerships with artisan co-operatives and we work with master artisans to design and produce exclusive, contemporary, small-batch collections that preserve their cultural identity and artistic expression. We do this while creating sustainable job opportunities and making an impact for the makers and communities we work with. 
Each collection is curated from start to finish and each of our products is handcrafted with love using only locally-sourced, natural, high-quality materials. 
We want to give people who care the ability to purchase with intention, and we firmly believe in the power of business for social good. 


Kala Collective - The Team - Camila Sinisterra - Trevor McCartney

Since meeting in our final year of university back in the Spring of 2013, we have spent countless moments dreaming of our future together and talking about one day starting a business which would fulfill our interests and desires, while most importantly having a truly meaningful impact.

Though we are different in many respects, Camila's creative and go-getter personality is the perfect combination to Trevor's grounded and methodical approach. Our shared love of travel, curiosity for different cultures, passion for nature, and desire for a simpler life has been our brick and mortar, both in our day-to-day and in dreaming up Kala Collective. 

We feel so privileged and honoured to share our story and collective with each and every one of you and can not wait for what the future may hold!