Kala Collective - Artisans - The ProcessEach Kala Collective product has a story. It is designed and crafted with love by a dedicated maker and curated just for you.


We seek to embed the magic and beauty of each culture and location into the products we create and share with you the stories of the dedicated makers.
Kala Collective - The Process


We design modern, contemporary home goods while honouring the makers' cultures, and preserving the integrity of the craft and communities of which they came from. Country by country, we collaborate with local artisans, blending our modern style with their traditional designs and crafts. This collaboration allows us to produce unique, premium collections with contemporary international style.  


The quality of a product is only as good as the raw materials it’s made of. That is why we are committed to using only high-quality, locally-sourced, and natural materials. From hand-spun organic cotton to local wool, to naturally plant-dyed fibres, we seek to create our collections with the most sustainable and natural raw materials. 


All Kala Collective products are hand-made in small batches. We collaborate with our artisan partners to co-create products with their traditional, time-tested techniques. The techniques used to create our collections include traditional back-strap and foot-loom weaving, hand-embroidery, and natural plant-dyeing, all of which have a strong cultural significance. 



By streamlining our sourcing and sales process, and selling exclusively online, we can bring unique, premium, global collections directly to you. We do this while providing our artisan partners with the highest earnings, a dignified work environment and a sustainable source of income.   


10% of proceeds are re-invested back to the artisans' communities. 

We believe in the power of your purchase. Not only are all of our artisan partners paid fair wages and provided with ethical and sustainable employment opportunities, but we are also committed to re-investing 10% of proceeds back to the artisans' communities.